Creating US Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are a key component in protecting a company and its employees. A good employment contract should be written by an experienced attorney who possesses extensive experience in drafting such agreements. The contract will specify the legal rights and responsibilities of both the employer and employee.

Employee contracts should be provided for key executives, officers, and management level employees. The contract will specify the employees’ job description, responsibilities, and all terms and conditions required for continued employment. The contract limits the employees’ capacity to bind the employer without consent or written approval. The contract protects the company against legal claims regarding improper termination.

Employment contracts usually include the following topics:

  • Termination without cause/termination for cause
  • Employee confidentiality and Employee intellectual property or invention agreements
  • Non-compete clause
  • Discrimination and other unlawful acts by Employer
  • Employee claims and lawsuits
  • Proper payment of U.S. taxes and other withholdings
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Employee Benefits